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Tourist quality and environmental policy

Tourist quality and environmental policy

We are “Happiness Suppliers” wishing to obtain pleasant moments and memories for our clients.

Our quality policy consists in:

Obtaining optimal enterprise results, by means of quality procedures that warrant satisfaction to our internal and external clients.

Our strategy to obtain best results is based in detecting any small symptom of in satisfaction and react immediately to solve inconveniences.

Establish mutual confidence with clients by means of a friendly attitude.

 Our basis to obtain this policy is:

 1. Inform and train all our staff, with no distinctions in category or duties; over the situation of the market, concurrence, client’s needs, possible complains and claims.

 With this live information and train, behaviours can be changed and assume that clients pay our salaries. Always bearing in mind that satisfying client’s requests, may be a result to obtain repeaters in our establishment.

 2. Active listening through, questionnaires, suggestions, meetings and the entertainment team.

 3. Team work. There is no bigger force than the one that forms a group of persons, with one same mentality and know how to coordinate them towards one same objective.

 The Management detaches the importance to satisfy legal requirements regarding its activity, as well as the importance to protect client’s personal data. Informing about its use, adequate custody security measures and the right to rectify, cancel and express opposition in the moment of collecting data.  


Environmental Policy

Invisa Hoteles  with  over 40  years  in  the  Tourism  Business developes its main activity  in running tourist centres, aiming at the same time to reconcile economic viability with the rational and sustainable development of the areas in which the hotels are situated.

 We are therefore looking to implement a series of Environmental Measures within our establishments, which will effectively contribute to preventing contamination and minimizing the impact on the natural surroundings;  waste production, energy consumption and inadequate handling of chemical products.

 These measures will be realized by: 

  • Complying  with Environmental legislation and other requirements subscribed by the company. 
  • Training all our staff to be more aware in these areas. 
  • Reducing waste production, monitoring same and then correcting the amount generated. 
  • Selective separation of waste, and adequate treatment of residues classified as dangerous, particularly chemical waste. 
  • Monitoring use of water, gas and electricity to achieve a reduction in consumption.

Lastly, all our suppliers and technicians will be advised of our environmental policy to enable them to co-operate in achieving our aims.

In order to ensure the implementing and maintaining of the Environmental Management System, the management of Invisa Hotels will put in place all the necessary human and material resources needed to establish and revise the Environmental objectives and aims in accordance with the commitment to continued improvement. 

In order to facilitate communication in the social circle, the management of Invisa Hotels will place at its clients’ disposal, and at that of the general public, its environmental policy.

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