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Almond blossom in Ibiza 2020

February 13 2020
With the almond trees in bloom along beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea and the breathtaking tranquillity of Ibiza’s countryside awaiting you in Santa Inés, in San Antonio, it’s easy to understand why this village enchants everyone who visits it in early Spring. The birthplace of the almond blossom route in Ibiza, Santa Inés is named after Saint Agnes (in English), the saint of the youth and the unmarried.

Plan the perfect blossom trip

The months during which Ibiza’s almond trees are in bloom are the most magical of the year. The symbolism across cultures of blossom meaning rebirth and a fresh start are amplified by the white colour of these blossoms amid bright blue skies.

If you’re planning the perfect visit to enjoy the flowers, you should ensure you visit Ibiza in late Winter to early Spring. The season tends to start in January (coinciding with Saint Inés’ day on the 21st of January) and lasts through March, depending on temperatures that year.

Incredibly, the best time to see almond blossoms in Ibiza may not be during the day. While in sunlight, a pink tinge is perceivable, at night the flowers seem to glow silver, reflecting the moonlight in a magical ethereal way. This moving vision of seas of white blossom emanating moonlight is best seen on nights with no cloud cover and is guaranteed to fill you with joy and wonderment at nature’s marvels.

As previously mentioned, the village and surrounding valley of Saint Inés is the best place to see almond blossoms but you can see the trees in bloom all over Ibiza. You needn’t even drive far from San Antonio or you can head towards Cala Conta to spot these fields of light bouncing back at you. By February these valleys, the almond blossom route in Ibiza, are always swathed in a blanket of delicate white flowers, coincidentally romantic for Valentine’s photos! Imagine how tasteful your holiday pics will be. Or if you prefer to emulate the locals, simply enjoy a walk through the orchards and then stop off for refreshments in the village.

To plan the best trip you may prefer... not to plan it! Tours can be hired through the nature park of Es Amunts, a nature reserve, as well as the valley of the secluded village San Juan Valley and San José’s countryside. These are almost invariably walking tours, so take comfortable shoes, your camera and the will to start afresh amid the embodiment of Spring. The tours will provide the perfect opportunity for you to meet like-minded nature lovers to get to while you’re away.

The village of Santa Inés, Ibiza

This is of those places you fall in love with at first sight: tiny but pristine and boasting some of the most interesting activities in Ibiza. Any time of the year this location to the North of the island is worth a visit, but especially between January and March, the best time to see almond blossom in Ibiza.

Two main streets, a church and two restaurants make up the village’s centre, and houses are dotted gradually more sparsely across the land, all constructed with the typically Ibizan architecture and made all the more beautiful when decorated by the nature of the almond blossom route Ibiza.

The church is impressively simple. Whitewashed walls built between 1785 and 1812 (a labour of love over the decades) are made even more impactful by the bright Ibizan sunlight bouncing off them. Clean-cut lines and a tiny steeple on the outside house a modest collection of arches and wooden pews on the church’s cool interior. Such a quiet place has encouraged many travellers to take a seat and a moment to meditate.

For an authentic Spanish tortilla, try what’s said to be “one of the most mythical restaurants in Ibiza,” Can Cosmi, just across the street from Santa Inés’ church. A cool drink on the sunny terrace of this old grocery store-come-restaurant is a wonderful way to spend an hour or two, soaking in the local’s 60 years of history, before returning to Ibiza’s almond blossom orchards and idyllic island beauty.
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