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Ibiza: The island beyond the parties

August 19 2022

One of the main *********** of Ibiza *** its ******* and clubs, but nightlife ** *** the only thing the Mediterranean ****** *** to offer: unique ******* landscapes, secret coves, and entertainment-packed beaches *** all on the menu. Plus, hippy markets, museums and galleries, as well as a rich gastronomy are some of the many ******* to the question, “what can I do in Ibiza” this year!

First, what to do ** San Antonio Ibiza 

San Antonio ** home to many surprises for any traveller andhe ***** happens **** you enter the municipality. At *** first roundabout, you’ll discover a large egg **** a ******* of the Santa María tall ship inside. The artist ** the sculpture, Nito Verdera, chose Ibiza to house this monumental piece of ******* in Ibiza ******* ** ** believed **** *********** Columbus ***** be from Ibiza.

This Ibizan town also offers great hotels, extensive choices of restaurants, cafés (and **** of course) and an ********* beach offer with very attractive ***** such as Cala Salada and **** Saladeta. The ******* around San Antonio are arguably the best places to rent equipment *** surfing, paddle boarding, and **** other water sports too. 

Looking for accessible beaches? San Antonio is the best area for pushchairs and wheelchairs. If *** want to stay on the beach into the evening too, Punta Galera is the place ** watch one of the most beautiful sunsets on *** island.

** you’re travelling with ****** ones, a good plan is to visit the Cap Blanc aquarium, *** the whole family might ***** a cultural trip to *** Far de ses Coves Blanques. This exhibition hall ** not your average museum: it is located in an *** lighthouse that stopped ******* in 1963. 

So, **** can you ** in San Antonio, Ibiza? Have fun, first and foremost!

Secondly, what to do in Santa Eulalia Ibiza 

In the eastern **** of the ****** is *** municipality of Santa Eulalia, one of the towns with *** ******* population in Ibiza. **** area, ** recent years, has *********** great growth that is unrelated to *** concept of nightlife and clubs. Here, you can stay in hotels that will provide you with quiet relaxation. ***** Eulalia has endless beaches ***** its coastline, where you’ll find true paradises with ******* clear waters, and multiple near-virgin ***** to relax in.

**** you want a little excitement, you can ***** *** of Santa Eulalia’s hippy markets. It has two ***** popular ones such as Las ****** and Punta Arabí. You can also enjoy strolling ***** the spectacular Alameda promenade, which is several kilometres long. It begins at the Nautical **** and extends to the river’s entrance to the sea, where the Mariners beach is located.

For a more cultural day, visit the church ** Santa Eulalia, on Mount **** de Missa. It is ** **** a fortified ****** in the upper area of the town and very unusual in its architecture. Being right in the middle of a Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza has witnessed piracy and ******* for centuries! *** this reason, many towns ***** away from the coast to ** less exposed and sought a way ** be more protected, ********* this fortified church.

In summary, what you can do in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza is rest, relax, and explore to your heart’s content.

Next, what to ** in *** José Ibiza

The program of activities to do in *** José is endless. A visit to the defensive ****** is probably as one of the **** options to ***** with: **** can be found along the coast and are called Torre des Savinar or *** Pirata, Torre de sa Sal Rossa or des Carregador in Playa d'en Bossa and Torre d'en Rovira, which is in Cala Conta.

You’re likely aware that Ses ******* Natural **** is an asset to this **** of the island. It can be visited throughout the **** and ** an idyllic place, especially for ***** who are passionate about hiking, nature, and photography. This park covers **** 15,000 ****** and terrestrial hectares, and is **** to different species of flora and fauna, including flamingos *** dolphins.

Another place to visit ** the San José area is the Phoenician ********** of Sa Caleta. The remains of this ancient ********** date **** to *** 7th century BC, and are one of the historical treasures that *** Ibizan ** home to. For this reason, it was delegated a World Heritage Site.

Lastly, don’t miss the old **** of Es Cubells and the sunsets at Cala d'Hort, which are picture perfect places to **** your friends ** home jealous! These are just **** of *** many things to ** in *** José, Ibiza.

Now, what to do in Ibiza town centre… 

You don't have to look *** down Google’s first page to ******* that in Ibiza’s town centre, one ** the main tourist *** cultural *********** is Dalt Vila. ** sits on a hill by the name of Puig de Vila and is a ****** enclosure that treasures centuries of history. As a result, it is dotted ** traces of former civilizations that have settled on *** island. It also houses the Ibiza Cathedral, symbolic and sacred on the island. ** enjoy Dalt Vila, walk along the promenade in *** afternoon looking down on the Marina ***** and Marina ******* ports.

Before you leave the town centre, take a **** to D'en Bossa beach: an Ibiza beach icon, where you can enjoy the casual atmosphere that trumps (in our opinion) the clubbing scene by far.

So tell us, **** will *** ** in Ibiza town?

Last, but not least, **** ** ** in *** north ** Ibiza

Spectacular sites await you in *** north of the island. It is one of the quietest areas ** Ibiza *** ******* home to the purest ****** ** Ibizan culture. Cala Sant Vicent, *** example, is one of the key points to *** north of the island. It has three beaches: Cala Molins, Cala Clara and Cala Barques, which delight travellers because they’re unique and deserted **** days.

On a route ***** the north of the island, **** *** ** Sant Joan de Labritja, a beautiful town with *** the ********* of the traditional Ibizan society, architecture and traditions. Another historical experience *** happen ** Can Marçà cave, perhaps better called a grotto, where you can take a 40-minute tour dodging stalactites and small lakes. It was ********** ** smugglers ** the area, but for ******* ** has been prepared ** be visited.

**** ** do something in the north of the ****** that *** will have tried? Pop into a local shop to smell and savour the Ibizan herbs that are served in the mythical *** Vidal tobacconist. 

Close out your day in the north ** Ibiza by enjoying a sunset in Cala Benirràs to the rhythm of hippie drums. This is an unforgettable experience *** anyone visiting *** Balearics.

What ***** off *** island of Ibiza? 

An ********* to neighbouring island Formentera needs ** be fit **** your **** for a trip to Ibiza. Both islands are well connected by ferry and this ** a day *** you’ll love if *** feel the need to explore even more. Notably, ********** is a little less populated than Ibiza so you’ll find the quietest spots to spend the day here, and no clubbing.

Now you know what to do in the ***** of Ibiza, ***** Eulalia, San Antonio, and San José, all that’s left is to book your flight. As you *** see, there’s a **** and complex side to Ibiza, that goes beyond the well-known parties. We can’t **** to welcome you to Ibiza, at *** resorts all over **** sunny island. 

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