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The best time to go to Ibiza

September 23 2019
It would be nice to be able to say there’s one ideal time to go to Ibiza, but it completely depends on the traveler. Some holiday-makers love interacting with others, meeting new people and the hustle-and-bustle of high season. Others prefer a calmer ambience, greater freedom of movement about the towns and the company of only their travel companions.

To make it easier to choose the best time of year for you to visit Ibiza we’ve split the times of year into seasons. Read on to see the kind of weather, prices, advantages and disadvantages you can find by traveling at different times of year.

The calmest months: Winter

Since fewer parties are held in Winter, it’s the best time to go to Ibiza to enjoy some of the locations that would be a bit of a headache mid-summer, and also to get the largest discounts on flights.

First of all, when there are next to no other tourists, it’s more relaxed to stroll along the footpath from Portinatx, a town that’s bustling in the summer, to the lighthouse at Moscarter Point. As a backdrop on this cliff-side walk, you can enjoy the unobstructed turquoise expanse and be able to look all the way to Mallorca.

Another spot that can be snided out in summer is Cala Conta, a beach on the western side of the island. Here, you can sit on the sand and enjoy possibly the best sunset of all Ibiza. There’s a beach bar and car park on one bank, where couples go to watch the sunset like teens at a drive-in cinema.

Off-peak’s last-minute deals: Autumn

Sometimes hotels and clubs hold off on publishing lower prices until late summer, and depending on the spoils received that particular high-season, they may offer heavy discounts. This is why you might come across a cheaper airline seat for September onwards if you buy in August rather than earlier in the year. The same goes for night-club entrances. All year-round, however, some of the most reliable deals on hotels in Ibiza can be found at Invisa’s luxury and varied styles of hotels.

Another upside of Autumn is that the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy an al-fresco breakfast on one of Vara de Rey’s many terraces. The town’s widest avenue was built in the late 19th century and its buildings house some of Ibiza’s more traditional restaurants.

Ibiza’s weather in October is mild, having dropped to a warming embrace from the scorching temperatures of summer. This makes Autumn perfect for walking around the city and taking in the culture. On foot you can appreciate the impact of the island’s Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Muslim and Christian inhabitants starting at the Ses Taules Portal, the main entrance to the old city, walking past the chapel of San Ciriaco and the bulwarks of Santa Llúcia. After lunch, take your pick of the town’s museums, galleries and historic centres.

The year’s fresh start: Spring

If you want to be the first to grace the white sands with your footprints, the best time to go to Ibiza is Spring. Grapevines are beginning to bear fruit, and this so-called “white island” is dotted with yellow and violet flowers.

Spring’s a great time of year to visit the often crowded coves and beaches to sunbathe with plenty of privacy, as well as sample the sea food that’s fresh and even better served outside of high season. This is also when most clubs hold opening parties.

The tourism industry is not yet in full swing but most businesses are open and keen to get the season rolling. The downside of traveling to Ibiza before May is that not every small restaurant is open at all hours, so you might require a little planning ahead for meals and the odd picnic on the beach. The weather is hot but bearable and, best of all, it’s not jellyfish season yet!

It’s peak season for a reason: Summer

You might be wondering what’s the benefit of going in high-season with so many advantages to going off season! But there’s a reason why more people choose to visit Ibiza in summer.

Those that want a tan and the best experiences often know that the opportunities to have an adventure go up with the temperatures. Ibiza’s tourism industry is geared towards May-August’s large numbers, so the biggest parties always take place within these months.

On the other hand, while you might enjoy partying with strangers and making new friends for the duration of your stay in Ibiza, it’s worth noting that families also travel in high season during children’s summer holidays. If you’re not taking kids with you, and plan to stay as a couple, with friends or even on a business trip, an option is an adults-only hotel, such as Invisa Hotel La Cala in Santa Eulalia. This way, you’ll get the tranquility of a mature environment in the hotel, even when most people travel to Ibiza. Keep an eye on Invisa’s website to spot the best time to go to Ibiza according to your budget.

The other benefit to traveling in peak season is availability. Since all businesses are open and operating, if you plan in advance you’ll be able to choose from plenty of accommodation options, many flight times, and adapt the holiday to fit you, not the other way around.

In conclusion, there are options for all budgets and schedules. Just because you can’t get off work midsummer, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the parties. In the same way, just because you can only afford to go off-peak, doesn’t mean the island’s shut down for business. There’s plenty to do all year-round in Ibiza.
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