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Ibiza, the Perfect weather Destination all year round

March 31 2020
Think of a holiday destination with perfect weather all year round, and you’ll probably picture a remote little island in the South Pacific, reachable only after days of uncomfortable travelling at an extortionate price. But why not think a little closer to home? Although it might not spring to mind straight away, the weather in Ibiza makes our little slice of paradise a great choice all year round.

Whilst it’s true that the summer season is our showcase, where the temperature in Ibiza rarely drops below 30 degrees and the sun shines for three or four months straight, don’t write off the rest of the year. In fact, the weather in Ibiza stays warm and comfortable for almost the entire twelve months of the year, with no cold winds or especially rainy seasons to have you running for shelter from the beach.

If you’re looking to plan your next summer holiday, or you’re desperate for a little winter break – maybe you’ve even had enough with autumn already and are ready to run towards some much needed sunshine – for all-year-round great holiday weather Ibiza is the place to go.

Summer weather in Ibiza

The summer season weather for Ibiza needs no real introduction. Picture all those long hot summer days, sunshine as far as the eye can see and cloudless, star-filled skies every evening... yes, we’re truly blessed with the famous holiday weather Ibiza is known for. The first real summer weather in Ibiza arrives around May, when the days become longer and the warm weather really begins to take hold. Temperatures will rarely dip below the mid to high twenties and the average rainfall is well below one or two days of wet weather per month: perfect for all those glorious days at the beach or sunning yourself by the pool.

For some great holiday weather, Ibiza is your place to be in the summer months. But what about your summer wardrobe for that San Antonio weather, or wherever you may be on the island? Think about packing lots of beachwear and comfortable, loose clothing for daytime, as well as for all those hot summer evenings. Thin cottons and linens are especially popular with the locals, allowing their skin to breathe as they enjoy their evening meal. The Ibiza weather forecast is always around the low to mid thirties during the peak months (July and August) so make sure to pack accordingly – and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Winter weather in Ibiza

After the beautiful weather in Ibiza now temperatures begin to dip from around the end of September and into October and November when the winter season begins. From then until around March or April it is officially the colder season, but the average temperature in Ibiza even at it’s very coldest will still be in the high teens to low twenties – not bad at all!

The remarkable mild Ibiza weather forecast – even in wintertime – means that you can still enjoy everything our island has to offer in the hotter months plus lots of additional benefits. Instead of dry, dusty fields, the Ibizan countryside comes alive with plants, trees and flowers. Instead of packed beaches, you’ll be able to wander for miles on peaceful golden sands, with entire beaches entirely to yourself... And given that the weather for Ibiza in these winter months is still pleasantly warm during the day with calm, refreshing winds, you’ll still be able to enjoy your holiday, both outdoors and in!

Although in winter the Ibiza weather chart will still show some rain, due to our position right at the heart of the Mediterranean, rainfall is lower than many surrounding countries and any showers will usually pass after a day or two. There aren’t any weeks or months of uninterrupted cold and darkness here! Although a cooler breeze will be noticeable on evenings and on the coast, you’ll still feel the warm sun on your skin and be able to enjoy the great weather in Ibiza whenever you visit.

Make sure to pack a couple of jumpers or thicker items for any evenings out and perhaps a jacket if you’re venturing out for some daytime sightseeing, but most tourists see no need for any special scarves or hats whilst here. If you’re heading to the island’s capital for a day of exploring, take a look at the Ibiza Town weather before you arrive, and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the temperatures.

Average temperatures in Ibiza

We know that Ibiza is a perfect place to visit because of its wonderful weather, but what about those all-important temperatures to get you excited for your next trip? Here’s a guide to what you should expect from Ibiza’s climate and the weather in Ibiza now, or whenever you’re coming to see us next:

January: 15°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 4)

February: 15°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 5)

March: 16°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 5.5)

April: 17°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 6.5)

May: 18°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 8.5)

June: 21°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 8.5)

July: 27°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 10.5)

August: 30°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 10.5)

September: 25°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 8)

October: 19°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 7.5)

November: 16°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 5)

December: 15°C (average hours of sunshine per day: 4.5)
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