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This Autumn’s 3 Unmissable Ibiza Sporting Events

September 22 2021

More and more people are coming to the white island to participate in the highly popular Ibiza sporting events, and for good reason! This destination of endless summers is where you can take part in some historically important and the most fun competitions in the Mediterranean.


While competing or cheering on your loved ones at sports activities in Ibiza, you also get the best of Spanish culture, language, and food, as well as amazing landscapes. So, you can enjoy a delicious meal with a stunning view of the sea, as a reward for your sporting efforts .


Specifically in the month of October, three of the most relevant Ibiza sporting events take place as, while it’s still warm and we get very pleasant weather throughout Autumn, the scorching summer sun is a little gentler on the athletes. These events are held at a national level, and attended by people from all over the world:


  1. The Ibiza Marathon, for long-distance runners

  2. The Ibiza Trail Marathon, for cross-country runners

  3. The Ibiza BTT, for mountain bikers


Read on to find out all the information about these events!


1. Ibiza Marathon: The most important of the Ibiza sporting events 


The Ibiza Marathon is one of the most significant events in Ibiza every year, and brings people from all over the world together to discover the island on foot, and while breathing in the fresh sea air. In fact, this is one of the most successful options for people who want to do some sightseeing in Ibiza without neglecting their exercise.


This year, in 2021, you will be able to participate in this fun marathon in early October and in multiple activities during the days leading up to the event. Visitors and locals alike will have the opportunity to sign up for different trials that run up until the afternoon of Saturday 2nd. On this, the first weekend of October, the race will begin and end with the backdrop of one of Ibiza’s world famous sunsets.


If there’s one thing that characterizes this marathon, and attracts tourism-seeking athletes, it’s that runners can take one of multiple routes, of varying distances. This means that, just as the most experienced people can feel challenged, beginners can also participate and start their marathon journey. Here’s a breakdown of all the routes:


  • The most famous route is, of course, the complete 42-kilometer marathon. True fans of running can complete the circuit from Dalt Vila to Santa Eulalia del Riu, passing through Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera and along Es Canar beach.

  • Those who want to participate in the complete Ibiza Marathon but are not really prepared to run such a long distance in one stint, can do so in relay. The first runner takes the first 21 kilometers up to Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera. From here, their partner will complete the other half of the circuit.

  • If you neither want to run a full marathon or a half marathon as a two-person team, you might like to run the 20-kilometer race. This route starts in Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera and finishes in the beautiful Dalt Vila, taking a very different route from the full and paired marathon.

  • Lastly, for runners who feel more comfortable with a 12-kilometer race, they can actually enjoy one of the most beautiful routes according to popular opinion. This shorter route goes alongside the sea from start to finish, which are Es Canar beach and the iconic Santa Eulalia del Riu.


2. The Ibiza Trail Marathon: The Balearic Islands’ best cross-country race 


Organised by BTT, Ibiza’s runners and bikers club, the Ibiza Trail Marathon is the queen of all athletic competitions in Spain and its sister islands. If you decide to participate in this sporting event, you’ll discover the unspoilt landscapes of San Antonio. Fall in love with the island through this unique race, pass through farms, cliffs, forests, small towns, and idyllic villages.


This Ibiza sporting event is attended by many professional athletes, who participate every year. If you follow trail races, especially in Europe and Spain, you’ll definitely run into many familiar faces on October 17th at the 12th+1 edition of this Ibiza marathon. Famous participants will include Ragna Debat, Miguel Heras, Pablo Villa, Miguel Caballero, Luis Alberto Hernando, and Marco de Gasperi, among many others.


The more than 1,000 participants of the Trail Marathon are divided into three different groups, which allows non-professionals or those who only run as a hobby to participate. The groups are broken into the Queen Race, 42 kilometers and the most demanding of the three, as well as a 21-kilometer and a 10-kilometer race. All the races start and finish at the port of San Antonio so that everyone experiences the same sense of achievement.


The registration period for the Ibiza Trail Marathon is now open on BTT’s official website. You can also check the three circuits in detail and compare prices. After finishing the race, you will receive an official certification of the RFEA Spain Ultra Cup to show your friends at home, and to remember your time trotting through the forests and sands of Ibiza.


3. A route around Ibiza by BTT: For bike lovers 


This route around Ibiza organised by BTT is a mountain bike competition that takes place on October 30th, 31st and November the 1st. Throughout this mountain biking race, you will cover the whole island from end to end, along paths that run through the most impressive scenes in Ibiza. The epicenter of this race is also San Antonio, since it is known for great parties and celebrations.


Similar to the Ibiza Marathon for trail runners, the Ibiza BTT race is organized in three stages, in which cyclists compete in pairs across more than 200 kilometers, racking up about 6,000 meters of height in the ascents and descents.


This year is a special one for the competition since the race is celebrating its 20th anniversary. BTT has gone all out in organising sports activities in Ibiza parallel to the race, so that accompanying relatives, friends, and spectators can have a little fun on the side lines. The principal novelty, however, goes to the bikers who will get to know Dalt Vila as part of their competition: The route will start with a time trial through the old town, passing by the most emblematic areas of Ibiza city.


Those of us on the island expect this year tol be one of the most emotional and passionate editions of this Ibiza sporting event, since initially, it was scheduled to be held in February, but the pandemic caused it to be postponed to October. To commemorate the reunion of bikers from around the world and our emergence from a global pandemic, the official jerseys for the Ibiza BTT will be created by Gobik and carry a special message for all those affected by the virus.


In short, athletes and amateur sport fans will not want to miss any of these sports activities in Ibiza in October, as they are absolutely full of surprises, different routes adapted to all audiences, and fun elements that will help you discover the island. We also recommend you choose a quiet and comfortable accommodation to be able to rest before and after the competitions, such as our hotels in Ibiza.

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