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Ibiza in November: what to see and do

November 11 2021

Although Ibiza is popularly known for its hot and party-filled summers, more and more people are heading to Ibiza in November. Since this is a holiday destination with activities and opportunities for fun throughout the year, coming to visit during the month of November, or any month in Autumn, can be the best way to enjoy the island at a more tranquil state.


While the weather in Ibiza in November is not as hot as during the summer months and the days are a little shorter, the climate at this time of year is ideal for both people who can’t handle the heat of August, and those who want to be active and simply prefer not to do so when sweating is a part of lying down! So if you were wondering what is the weather like in Ibiza in November, the answer is pleasant and suited to sports. This is also a good time of year to travel to get money-saving deals on flights.


Ibiza in November is stunning. You can enjoy nature and the incredible landscapes any time of year, but you especially benefit from a person-free view during the latter months of the year. If you’re wondering about Ibiza, what to do in November, you cannot miss these essential activities in Ibiza.


Patron Saint festivities in Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera 


Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, located in the center of the island, holds a very special party every year in November. An event is organized that brings together all the inhabitants of the island and all the Autumn visitors to participate in different activities. So now you know this first thing about Ibiza, what to do in November, maybe you want to know where this celebration came from?


The origin is August 8, 1235, when the Kingdom of Aragon sought to conquer Ibiza and demolished the Arab mosque on the island. Atop the ruin, the King ordered a cathedral to be built, and for a Christian name to be given to each town in the territory. Since that date, each town’s namesake saint is celebrated on the official day. For Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, this is on November 16th. The Ibiza temperature in November, just for this festival, is usually mild and dry, much more so than other parts of Europe at this time of year.


How do you get to Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera? 


To get to Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, there are two very comfortable options: to go by car or by bus. In this first case, if you plan to drive from Ibiza’s capital city, we recommend taking the E-400 directly to the town in no more than 10 minutes. In the case you are travelling from San Antonio, the fastest route takes approximately 17 minutes. Follow signs to Sant Rafel de sa Creu and, once there, join the same E-400 as you would if you came from Ibiza’s town centre.


If you prefer to travel by air conditioned bus, you can take lines 25A in the direction of Eivissa or the 37 in the direction of Es Canar. This means of transport is a very comfortable way to get all over the island and you can review the different points of the routes on the Ibiza Bus website.


The full program of festivities 


The celebration of all the fiestas in Ibiza combines tradition, Ibizan gastronomy, culture and sport thanks to an extensive festive program of activities for all audiences. One of the most prominent and popular events just before these dates is going to see a horse jumping competition at the Can Mayans equestrian center. This is an event that happens every year, on the weekend of November 13th-14th in 2021.


After the opening by the jumping show, the continuing calendar of activities is extensive. On Friday November 12th, a traditional cards championship takes up the full day. On the 12th, a concert by Simple Rock in the Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera square, the Plaza de la Iglesia, closes the program for the day.


On Saturday, visitors can enjoy a guided walk suited to all abilities, leaving from the town square at 10 in the morning. At the same time a children's party will begin, with all kinds of workshops and entertainment. To end the day, there will be a book signing by Emmanuela Torres as well as another concert, this time with Pasados de Vuelta and Morning Drivers.


On the biggest day of these festivities, Tuesday November 16th, Rebeca Gamboa will perform one of the most anticipated concerts by Ibizans.


After this date, there are some smaller celebrations. For example, on Sunday, November 21, the Santa Gertrudis Sports Association will hold a motocross competition as well as a bingo game in the Club de Persones Majors bar, where they can win all sorts of prizes.


Finally, to conclude with this festival program, on November 28 and December 8 there will be a popular walk: the now traditional “Tant si plou com si fa sol”. On this occasion, the direction of the walk will take two routes: One heads towards Els cingles dels Clots Negres and the other, towards Puig Pelat.


What to do in Ibiza in November? Race La Cursa de sa Sobrassada!


As is tradition in Ibiza in November, on the 20th la Cursa de sa Sobrassada is celebrated. The 21-kilometer race is organized by the Santa Eulària des Riu town authorities, as well as the Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera Festival Commission and the Balearic Islands Athletics Federation. Winners of the race don’t take home medals but something much better, they receive an Ibiza sausage, a sobrasada, as a prize.


One of the great characteristics of this half marathon is that you can participate both individually and in groups, with a maximum of three people, if you’re willing to run in relays. This opens it up to a much greater variation of experience levels. In the latter case, the team can decide how to manage the laps that each relay member will run, with a minimum of one full lap making the switches at a stipulated location, which happens to be set up about 100 meters from the finish.


This switching station is one of the reasons why the race is one of the most popular on the island. And it is common for friends and co-workers to join in with activity to cheer each other on. Likewise, children are able to take part in the run, in a “Mini Sobrassada” of just 1 kilometer. This run starts at 16:30, just before the main event, which starts at 18:00.


To sign up for this event, you simply have to register with €5 through the official website of the Ibiza Athletics Club. Then, to collect your official participant number for the race, you can head to the starting point on the same day of the event, from 15:30 for the children's category and 17:15 onwards for the adult category .


Las Dalias hippie market 


A hippie spirit has always warmly engulfed the island, and if you’re unsure what the weather is like in Ibiza in November, it’s good to have an extra option that includes an indoor activity. Even if you have blazing sun the whole time you’re here in Ibiza, you’ll want to visit the local markets and soak in the atmosphere. Start in Las Dalias, one of the most popular markets in the bohemian part of the white island.


            The origin of Las Dalias 


In 1954, Las Dalias was a small bar created by the farmer and carpenter Juan Marí, although, at the time, he never suspected that it would become one of the most popular hippy markets in the Mediterranean. It was not until the 70s when Marí decided to step forward and turn his bar into a meeting point for tourists, offering a Spanish-style barbecue and flamenco rhythms.


In the 80s, the market passed to the hands of Juanito, Juan Marí’s son, who managed to attract the most popular musicians of the moment to play in his venue and convert Las Dalias into an unforgettable and unmissable experience in Ibiza for many. Little by little, this venue joined international venues for music in receiving groups and artists such as Mike Oldfield, Brian May and Coque Malla. Juanito created, what is today, the most amazing hippy market, starting from only 5 stalls 40 years ago.


                        Come and enjoy the popular Las Dalias market in Ibiza in


The essence of Las Dalias is in its decoration and music in the air. The stalls are buzzing with artists and lovers of the arts, delicious food and the internationally recognized Adlib fashion. Stroll through more than 300 stalls, all adjusted for space since the beginning of Covid-19, and set up every Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Sundays from 11:00 to 18:00.


Even if you don’t have time to come on a weekend, Las Dalias market never rests and remains open every day of the year with a few permanent shops, so do not hesitate to come and enjoy it if you are in Ibiza in November. This is even better because you’ll enjoy a peaceful day in the market, and we have to assume peace and quiet is what you love if you decide to visit Ibiza in November, this magical month!

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