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5 Ibiza viewpoints to curry the favour of all 5 senses

June 22 2022

Ibiza is a pleasure for all the senses, but the sense of sight is one of the most spoiled of the five for those who visit the island. 

There are so many stunning angles from which to enjoy nature and landscapes here, but we’ve chosen our favourite five, and we’ll start by telling you about the most world-renowned spots: the Es Vedra Ibiza viewpoint and the Puertas del Cielo Ibiza viewpoint, followed by some lesser-known sites of beauty.


1. The Es Vedra Ibiza viewpoint: One of a kind 

One of the most magical spots on the island of Ibiza is the islet of Es Vedra. Although visits are not organised to the islet, you can see it from the sandy area of Cala d'Hort near the town of San José, southwest of the island. The view is magnificent, especially if you can make it at sunset.

Cala d'Hort is not a touristic beach at all, since its sand is coarse and the cove is usually exposed to the winds, so pack a jumper if you visit in the evening! Nonetheless, a trip to Ibiza would not be complete without a visit to see this islet, as well as her little sister, Es Vedranell. 

There is a magical atmosphere here which has led to numerous stories and legends about Es Vedra. This islet is said to have a great magnetic attraction that even affects ships navigating in the area, and there have been UFO sightings from the Es Vedra Ibiza viewpoint. Don’t miss either the stunning views from this point or the chance to say you had a supernatural experience while on holiday. 


2. The heavenly Puertas del Cielo Ibiza viewpoint 

The Puertas del Cielo Ibiza viewpoint is located to the north of the island, which is one of the most virgin parts of Ibiza. Nearby, the archaeological site called Sa Penya Esbarrada became known as the Gates to Heaven, or Ses Portes del Cel, in the local language. Once again, the sunset is breathtaking from this Ibiza viewpoint, but the skyline competes with the area’s steep cliffs and the sights of the mysterious Ses Margalides islands.

The Ses Margalides are simply a postcard image. The steep cliffs are stunning and make the area famous among divers, as the lower parts of the cliffs have extensive underwater caves and a world of marine fauna.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the hippie community chose this spot in the north of the island to watch the sunset. From then until today, the Gates to Heaven have become one of the best Ibiza viewpoints, where you can feast your eyes on the views, your nose can take in the sea scent and your skin can enjoy the warm sun of the Mediterranean.


3. The most romantic Ibiza viewpoint: The Lover’s Lookout 

In the vicinity of Cala Llonga, you’ll find one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza to the east of the island. This is where the wonderful viewpoint, Lover’s Lookout, allows unbelievable views of the Balearic landscapes and the sounds of sea birds along the coast.

This is a very quiet area to which travellers can arrive and immediately start soaking up the nature, beach and lovely temperatures in a sheltered area. To get to the Mirador de los Amantes, head to the eastern part of the island, to the municipality of Santa Eulària. Once there, a little less than a mile away, you’ll find a detour to this romantic corner. Whether you come to the island as a couple or not, pass by this Ibiza viewpoint during your holidays here.

4. Sa Talaia, the TOP Ibiza viewpoint 

One of the main characteristics of a good viewpoint is how high it is. It’s in this area that the Sa Talaia Ibiza viewpoint stands out. It’s in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, and is the absolute highest point on the island.

Standing on this privileged balcony, you can enjoy the wind in your hair and a panoramic view of almost the entire island. Along the left side you’ll see the city of San Antonio, with its sister islands of Sa Conillera and Ses Espartar. To the right, is the southern part of Ibiza and the island of Formentera. On clearer days you can even see the coast of the mainland. This Ibiza viewpoint in particular offers an unforgettable photo opportunity.


5. Dalt Vila’s walls: The island epicentre 

In the historic centre of the island, a spectacular Ibiza viewpoint offers panoramic views of the city, its emblematic port and the infinite horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. The elevated area along the walls is a must-see while visiting.

For centuries, this area has been a strategic spot for knights and soldiers to spy the arrival of possible enemies. Throughout history, the waters of the Mediterranean have been home to mugglers, pirates and multiple conquerors. Hence, over the centuries, the Dalt Vila area has become a cultural puzzle of different civilizations in the form of stately homes and defensive structures. Without a doubt, from Dalt Vila’s walls you can plan out your day walking around the city centre, sniff out your next lunch trip, or pick out the boat trips you hope to take!


All five senses are met with these five viewpoints, even your sixth sense if the Es Vedra Ibiza viewpoint is on your list! Enjoy every second in Ibiza and remember, we’d love to have you at Invisa hotels when you visit.

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