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Sunset in Ibiza: Best Spots to Watch It

June 29 2021

In Ibiza, watching the sunset is both a time-old and fashionable hobby to date. Now that many of us are making a conscious effort to spend more time getting fresh air and organising outdoor activities, sunset time in Ibiza is the easiest pastime to plan for, set up and enjoy. 


The only planning you need to do is check through this guide, and decide where to watch the sunset in Ibiza. Even this is easy because the sunset can be seen throughout the year from different parts of the island!


The sunset strip in Ibiza is considered one of the best in the entire Mediterranean, thanks to the different shades of oranges, reds, pinks, and purples that can be seen in the sky during this dreamy moment.


Nobody wants to miss a sunset on the island and, at sundown, dozens of visitors and locals look for the best place to do so. This magical moment garners more and more followers every year. Its beauty, as well as the connection felt with nature, generates introspection and invigorating energies in spectators.


In some parts of Ibiza this moment has become a true "farewell party", where you eat, drink, dance and enjoy good music in the hours before sunset.


What time does the sun set in Ibiza? 


The time to see the sunset in Ibiza varies according to the time of year. During the summer, it is best to organize in advance and arrive early, to be able to secure a spot from which to take the best photos, knowing that many bars and viewing points are busy at this time of year.


In the summer, especially June and July, the sun sets at around 9:20 - 9:25 pm. In August, it is usually a little before 9:00 pm and after September 20th, the moment is at about 7:55 pm.


Winter brings the island great calm so you can plan to see the sun go down in Ibiza every day, since the majority of tourists visit the island during the summer. Sunset time in Ibiza comes early during the months of November and December, at around 5:30 pm.


Where can you see the best sunset in Ibiza? 


Wondering where to watch the sunset in Ibiza for the best view, atmosphere, and surroundings? These are our top picks from parks to the sunset strip in Ibiza.


 1. Cala Benirras, the beach in Ibiza with a relaxed hippie atmosphere 


To see a special sunset on the island, you cannot miss a visit to Cala Benirrás, where you can enjoy the famous hippie atmosphere that is so characteristic of Ibiza.


Here, everything flows to the sound of drummers that meet on this beach, almost daily, when the sun goes down. What a spectacular sight to savour! On Sundays, the sound of the drums turns into a real party, so a lively experience is what you’ll enjoy at sunset on Cala Benirras. 


If you’re not a fan of hippy parties and sunset celebrations, it’s better to visit this cove a different day of the week, but watching the sunset from this beach is an experience that you have to live at least once in your lifetime, so choose a calm weekday instead.


 2. Es Canar, an easy-access beach that’s full of life 


Es Canar beach is one of the best for groups travelling as a family or with accessibility concerns, due to its easy access from Santa Eulalia. You’ll have no problem pulling the car up to the area, or arriving on the bus. Plus it is a very flat, wheelchair and pushchair friendly beach with an access ramp.


Very close to the beach, you’ll find the island's best known hippie craft market, Punta Arabí, where you can find many handmade products and the latest in Ibizan fashion.


3. The islet of Es Vedra, a mystical and magical sunset spot 


The islet of Es Vedra is one of the most iconic places around Ibiza. The islet is considered a mystical place that’s full of positive energy, and it is said that supernatural phenomena take place here. 


Es Vedra has traditionally been considered esoteric or sacred, so if you are one of those who think that a sunset in Ibiza is a moment of connection with the transcendental forces of the universe, we highly recommend taking it in from a perch in Cala d´Hort, the cover that sits right in front of Es Vedra. 


You can also see the sun go down it from Torre des Savinar, also known as the Pirate Watchtower, as it was built to safeguard Ibiza’s southern coast from pirate attacks. For obvious reasons, you have a stunning vantage point of the sunset from a watchtower, making this one of the best places to enjoy the sunset in Ibiza.


4. Ses Salines, a natural park to watch the sun setting while you stroll 


Watching the sunset from a beach is not the only way you can see the sun go down while on holiday, though this is the romantic idea most of us have. There are other special places to enjoy the spectacle surrounded by nature, such as during a walk in the Ses Salines Natural Park.


Here, alongside the surprising wildlife you’ll likely spot during your visit, you can appreciate the same stunning colours of Ibiza’s sunset but in a less obvious environment. Since the park is located at the southern end of Ibiza, it’s a perfect sundown spot, and is synonymous with tranquility and nature.


5. San Antonio de Portmany, the sunset strip of Ibiza 


San Antonio is considered the sunset strip in Ibiza, since its privileged position makes the view of the sunset one of the best you can experience in the entire Mediterranean. 


The coast along Sant Antoni allows you to enjoy the Ibiza sunsets from varied corners, from the quietest to the most lively and cosmopolitan. Whether you prefer to perch on the sand, lounge in a luxurious bar, or clink classes over a table with a sunset view, San Antonio offers the greatest variety of sunset viewpoints.


In this part of Ibiza, you can find one of the hotels with most services for its guests as well as on-site views of the sunset, so you can appreciate the rich warm colours from the comfort of your hotel.


If you love the beach and magical moments at sundown, Ibiza is your perfect holiday spot. If you’ve never been here, what are you waiting for?! Plan the perfect stay on a beautiful island, where every day is magical from sunrise to sunset.

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